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Kim & Sheri, Chief Poop-Orating Officers

What’s the deal with two sisters talkin’ dog poop? Well, to start, we grew up with a veterinarian dad, so we always had all kinds of dogs. Big, small, purebred, mutt, rescue, you name it. All at once.

So one could say that we learned at a very young age the perils of walking carelessly through our Connecticut backyard or letting a dog strike “the pose” on a neighbor’s lawn. But that’s not to say we grew up having a fascination with dog poop. What kind of freaks do you think we are? That came later and, for the record, it’s more a fascination with dog owners’ need to talk about the poop—something we discovered when we moved to Boston, got two dogs, and started pickin’ up poop on a daily basis.

But why create a site about it? Well, we work in advertising, and when we found ourselves with an idea that no one else had jumped on, that coudn’t be sold into any of our clients, and that would be more fun than a barrel of chihuahuas to create—we couldn’t resist making it happen. So enjoy the site, feel free to send us your thoughts and—above all—go ahead and talk poop. It’s perfectly normal.