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turdburglar closeup

Episode 13: The Turd Burglar

Kim & Sheri review  the funniest pooper-picker-upper product yet.


Sheri goes to Sweden to get answers to important dog poop questions.

What to call a poop  (video)

Kim & Sheri review a funny poop product.


#12: The Claw

Kim & Sheri review an elaborate  pooper picker upper device.

Tug of Poop (video)

A look at a very sensitive topic for some dogs (and their owners)*

Poop Scoopin' Barbie (video)

A review of the most poopenin’ new product.


Sisters discuss this unsavory term from the pooptionary.

The Poopaway (video)

The very special  tale of  one sneaky little poop.


Episode 12: Poop Bag  Faux Pas

Kim & Sheri explore the funny things we do when we have a dog poop bag in our hands.

OTHER ARCHIVED EPISODES (for fans who can’t get enough)

Poopcast Intro (video)

Kim & Sheri explain why they decided to create pooptalkin.com. Learn why they only do dog poop, and why saying “pooh” is so uncool..

A question from viewer mail.

Kim & Sheri add a new term to the pooptionary.

Kim & Sheri answer their very first viewer mail.

A term from the pooptionary. Good dog owners, beware!