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8/22/07 - THE HONG KONG “POOP BOX” - I grew up in Hong Kong and we have public poop boxes for dogs in parks. These poop boxes look like flower beds(brick border with sand inside). People would take their dogs there and let them do their businesses.These boxes don't get cleaned as often as they should be. Especially during public holidays, poop will just sit there with swarms of flies hovering around. Sometimes, poop sits there so long, they turn white! I think long time exposure under the sun turns them into ashes.

My school was close by a park and I'd walk by a few poop boxes on my way. Whenever my friends and I approach one, we'd try to push one another into the poop box! Most often, we'd all end up in it.

After the whole SARS incident, the government took all the poop boxes away.

- Raoul, Framingham, MA

1/2/07 - “THE PERFECT POOP”: I was recently at the park shootin' the poop with another owner. She was going on, with great excitement, about the poop her Vizsla, Scout, had laid down just that morning. "It was a perfect poop!" she gushed, thrilled that she'd finally found a food her dog's testy digestive tract could tolerate. This led to a detailed discussion of dietary issues and related poop consistency. I didn't think much of it until I saw the look of absolute disgust on the face of a male owner. I bet that guy hardly gives his dog's poop a second thought.

I am lucky though, in that my own husband has a pretty highly developed sense of poop-appreciation. He coined the term "grassy ass," to describe our pit bull's distress at being unable to pass long blades of grass--and willingly enages in the Tug of Poop you describe.

- Laura W., Jamaica Plain, MA

12/11/06 - LAWN POOPIN’ PREVENTION - in response to the BAD NEIGHBOR poopcast: Dogs don't like pepper. And if you notice, they sniff around to find just the right "dumping spot." I had to deter a dog that was using my front lawn as his regular toilet, probably running ahead of his otherwise polite but unwary owner.

So I bought a large jar of ground black pepper at a discount store for about $10. I then spread it liberally around my lawn.Voila, no dog poop since then, which is over a year ago.Of course, cayenne pepper is more costly and more powerful. But it might hurt the dog. My solution does NOT punish or harm the dog and environmentally friendly. Of course, it could get expensive for very large lawns but should solve a lot of the problems for most average sized lawns.

- George R., from somehwere

`12/7/06 - POOP EXPLOSION: I got this text message from my roommate Linda today - she gave me permission to share:

“Your dogs ate and pooped and peed. Mine peed 3X today but is on a poop strike since his poop explosion the other day."

This is the kind of stuff that inspired Kim and I to start the poopcast. Connor, unfortunately, had a poop explosion all over the hallway rug. This was two days ago. I just got back from Seattle today, and can still smell it. I know how to get pee smell out, but if anyone has any tips on this particular problem, even me, chief poop-orating officer of the poopcast, could use some advice. Ayyy.

- Sheri, Pooptalkin, USA

12/4/06 - THONG: I have a funny Mango pooping story that involves a pair of my thong underwear. You're probably saying to yourself "It's not that interesting a story, because the ending is a little too predictable." right? WRONG! Because Mango waited until he was at All Dogs Gym, for a doggy play date, to void himself of my favorite blue thong.....and the story gets better. The owner actually put the thong in plastic baggy and when I arrived to pick up Mango, she held it up and asked "does this look familiar?".....I could have played it cool and said, with a confused look on my face..."um....no, I have no idea what that could be....." But instead, I exclaimed in my most excited voice ".....oh my god, my thong! So that's were it went! I've been looking for that everywhere!"

- Theresa, Londonerry, MA

11/23/06 - POO-EW:  The longest time away from my Lou Lou yet. (See Lou poopin on pooptography page). So, my man took great care of her for the 2 weeks while I was away. Except for the 2nd nite. To celebrate her 2 years with us dinner was roast beef & cheese A-La-Kibble. Hence liquid poo-ew that made him puke liquid-ewww and Lou puke too-eew. Stick with a mini carrot for the special occasions folks & just say no to cold cuts. Thanks for cleaning up, honey. Best of luck PoopMasters. Love the Site!

- Rachel, Jamaica Plain, MA

11/11/06 - GOLF POOP:  My uncle once had this Black Lab which if left alone would eat and destroy everything in it's path. He kept the dog out of trouble mostly but one day he had to leave the house unexpectidly and the dog had been doing well so he gave it the benefit of the doubt and went on his errand.

When he came home the house was pretty much as he left it with one exception, he found that the dog had pretty much consumed a golf ball that he left out. He was concerned about the toxic stuff in the center of the ball and called his vet but the vet said if he didn't notice the dog in pain or displaying signs of any issues it should be fine.

Well my uncle is a big golfer and he was kinda upset because the ball was quite expensive. So he let it go and blamed himself for putting the dog in a bad situation.

Fast forward 2 days and my uncle is walking around the yard cleaning up leaves and stuff and there is a pile of Poop. Right on top was part of the casing of the golf ball which read "Titleist". To this day my uncle has a picture of this pile of poop in the "Boys Room."

- Aaron, Milton, MA