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Episode 13: The Turd Burglar

Kim & Sheri review  the funniest pooper-picker-upper product yet.

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Episode 2: Tug of Poop

A look at a very sensitive topic.

Episode 3: The Poopaway

The very special tale of  one sneaky little poop.

Episode 12: The Claw   PLAY NOW

Kim & Sheri review an elaborate  pooper picker upper device.

Episode 9: Poop Mouth

Kim & Sheri take a closer look at poopeaters.

Episode 5: Poop Scoopin’ Barbie

Review of the Barbie Doll with a dog that poops.


Impoopization: When you find yourself bagless, and you have to improvise with some found object in order to extricate the poop from someone’s lawn. Common impoopization tools include the plastic bag from someone’s newspaper, a large leaf, or some kind of wrapper or other litter that you should be so lucky to find. If no impoopization tools are available, opt for a distraction technique such as obscure-a-poop.

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Oberon of Detroit poopin' on a golf course

Oberon poopin’ on a golf course -- Detroit, MI


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